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We have some of the world's most experienced consultants, working with both small and large organisations. If you are in need of planetariums, services or simply need support on your project, contact our experts today.

Our services are available both across the UK and abroad. Maybe you want to buy a planetarium system and not sure which one to use? Or possibly you want to project something amazing on to the ceiling of a building? No matter what the job is, we will endeavour to match you with the most appropriate consultant for the best results.

What type of services can we enhance and complement?


  • Mobile/portable/inflatable domes
  • Fixed installations
  • Planetarium training and set up
  • 360° mirror projection
  • Bespoke projection
  • Experiential concepts and ideas


  • Planetarium presenting
  • Event planning
  • Voice coaching
  • Audience delivery


Equipment hire

  • 360° Digital domes
  • Projectors including the stunning EPSON 9300
  • Sound
  • Logistics

Purchase bespoke systems worldwide

Mobile Planetarium Systems

  • From US$ 17,000 excludes shipping and travel
  • Planetariums range in size from 4m to 10m
  • ONE PRICE fully comprehensive system:
    • A planetarium/digital dome of your choice from 4m to 10m with or without raised rings
    • 360° projection mirror
    • Powerful projector from 2000+ lumens and up to 1,000,000:1 contrast (includes strong carry case)
    • Macbook or Windows machines, fully tested beforehand
    • Software for both 'real time' presentations and 'warping' of video
    • Powerful sound system, either 2.1 or 5.1
    • Blower fan
    • All necessary peripherals so you start straight away: Laser pointers, laptop bag, headset mic, trolley, carry cases, cables, head torch
    • Training anywhere in the world (excluding travel/accommodation)
      • Equipment set up
      • Maintenance training
      • Software training
      • Production training
      • Live show training
      • Support to content creation both traditional and bespoke
      • Support in dubbing and language editing for non UK/US languages
    • FREE films/content to start you off, including at least three premium films
    • FREE short clips to use in your presentations

Planetarium and Portable Domes


From US$ 17-29K

5m System 0-5 rings

From US$ 20-30K

6m System 0-5 rings

From US$ 22-33K

7m System 0-5 rings

From US$ 30-35K

8m System 0-5 rings

From US$ 33-38K

9m System 0-5 rings

Please contact

12m System 0-5 rings

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Outdoor systems

Please contact

Franchise worldwide

  • From US$ 20,000
  • Annual fee from US$ 8,000
    • access to some of worlds largest selection of shows, over 100 titles
    • help translating/dubbing shows in to your language
    • help making your own shows both live presentations and films
    • scripts for school presentations
    • annual check and maintenance of planetariums
    • free technical support
    • software check and upgrades where possible
    • every time our company receive a new licence to screen a new film, we will offer this to you as well (pending producers' approval)
    • Be part of one of the world's most progressive, fastest-growing mobile planetariums and digital domes businesses
  • Planetariums range in size from 4m to 10m
  • Full system includes: 360° projection mirror, projector, Macbook, software, training (anywhere in the world) and access to the world largest show catalogue


  • Best value vs quality systems in the world
  • Unbeatable customer service worldwide. CONTACT US 24/7
  • World class training for presenting and teaching
  • Continued support to help develop your services
  • Amazing high quality single projection systems, eliminating the need for multiple projectors
  • We use mirror systems over fisheye systems, giving you greater brightness and resolution
  • Over 10 years' experience, with consultants working for some of the world's most well-known planetariums
  • Manufacturer's warranty on planetariums and projections
  • Fire retardant dome fabric, CE approved
  • Stunning films available from some of the world's most well-known production houses

Some of our clients

BBC stargazing | Alton Towers | JP Morgan Schools Challenge | Helios Energia Ltd | Coral Rekindling | STEMNET | Bett |Birmingham School of Acting | Big Bang Group | Nottingham Nature Reserve | Ragiv Ghandi Science Centre | Cambridge University |  Oxford University | Nottingham University | Stafford University | University of Birmingham | Coventry University


Head office

Immersive Dome Experiences Ltd
86-90 Paul Street
EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom


USA | Europe | Middle East | Asia | Africa

Business hours

Operating: 24/7 365 days a year

Office hours: Mon - Fri 9am-5pm

Out of hours:  +44 (0) 791 4512 536


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