We source and provide the finest mobile planetariums/immersive domes world wide, and currently sell these from 4m-12m in diameter


  1. Unique in its accommodation of visitor needs and comfort
  2. The Airlock Door System is full-size and inflated to keep its shape as visitor after visitor enters the dome
  3. The vertical air tubes are attached to the flat entrance floor with Velcro and can be moved apart to accommodate most wheelchairs and to facilitate the access

The Airlock Door System can be left open during presentations. Its tubes come together to close and a Velcro strap is provided to indicate that a program is in progress.

A second Velcro strap on the inside lets the operator pull the door tubes together. Inside, the door also has a zipper and a Velcro latched flap that completely covers the zipper – producing a smooth projection surface.

With the zipper open, visitors can leave during the presentation without requiring assistance from the operator. Visitors also feel much less enclosed and claustrophobic with an airlock door than with a dome that has an entrance tube or simple zipper.

The Airlock door has an opening six feet tall, allowing audiences to walk into and out of the dome without stooping, crawling, or rushing. The dome remains inflated as audiences enter and exit through the airlock door at their own speed.

The standard mobile planetariums/immersive domes has a ventilation system that accommodates many different kinds of usage. The dome's fan inflates both the door and a second vent flowing directly into the dome. This vent has a Velcro sealed flap that can be used to adjust the airflow upward, to the right or to the left. There are also two small vents in the door. If the door is left open for visitors to come and go during demonstrations, the large vent is left open and the small door vents are closed. If the door is closed for a presentation, then the large vent can also be closed and the small door vents are kept opened. This technique keeps fresh air in the dome without the dome deflating during entry and exit.

The mobile planetariums/immersive domes also has two unique front floor vents, our "Inflation Self Regulating System", that open when the dome rises and vent through a tube on the outside of the dome. The inflated tube acts as a light baffle if the dome starts to rise off the ground. These self-regulating vents make dome operation easy and prevent the flapping or bouncing experienced in other domes as they over-inflate.

The mobile planetariums/immersive domes also have a soft light grey matte cloth finish. This smooth, non-glare finish creates a projection surface suitable for full-dome video. The light grey color lowers the cross talk of light bouncing from one side of the dome to wash out the image on the other side. Images appear sharp and the colors saturated. The cloth surface also absorbs sound and minimizes the echo produced in plastic surfaced domes. It also dampens sounds from outside the dome.

The polyester-cotton cloth never frays and is extremely wrinkle-resistant, even after repeated folding. The cloth breathes, minimizing the stuffy sensation often felt with large groups in plastic domes. Each seam is both sewn and taped on the outside for maximum durability and to prevent any light leaks. Although mobile planetariums/immersive domes are opaque, they can acquire a pinhole light leak over time. These are usually visible only when projecting star fields in a bright room. A pinhole is easily patched with a small circle of the extra cloth provided and rubber cement.

It is important to note that our cloth based mobile planetariums/immersive domes are not designed for outdoor use. We do not provide warranty on domes that show damage from outdoor use.

Many of our customers use their domes outdoors, but do so at their own risk. We can not warranty any damage due to extreme heat, cold, wind or rain. Direct sun can cause a blue or black dome to heat to over 40 degrees Celsius and damaging the glue that covers the dome's seams. If a Dome is frozen or stored outdoors in below freezing conditions, it is possible that the flocked surface will delaminate. We do not provide warranty for this situation and domes must be stored and used at above freezing temperatures.

However, using the dome temporary outside has been done as can be seen here inside a marquee or with a strong dome cover. This is done so at the user's risk; however we have a lot of experience of outdoor events, so can look at your event through our hire services or bespoke outdoor domes.


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