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Immersive Dome Experiences Ltd (trading as Immersive Experiences), is a leading and most highly acclaimed international mobile planetarium company based in the UK. Famous for our creative astronomical productions in education, exhibitions, tourism, science popularisation research and the immersive arts.

However, at Immersive Experiences, our fundamental passion is always Astronomy. Our mission is to enable customers to experience the astonishing wonders of our universe in the most magical and memorable way.  This also forms our core competence.

International Planetarium Installations

With over 50 years of combined experience, our full service astronomical planetarium firm is equipped to provide world class services and technology covering all sizes, locations, demands and budgets, creatively consulting on many major projects worldwide.


  • Initial planning, innovation concepts and creative ideas
  • Stunning theatre designs and visualisations
  • Planetarium theatre domes built for all sizes
  • Comprehensive planetarium presenter training, from world class professionals
  • 360° projection, up to 12K
  • Digital and Optical system integration
  • Content production, including 2D, 3D, 4D, VR, AR. Live Action/Web Casting
  • Licencing world wide, through our international network of award-winning film producers
  • Lighting and sound, including induction loop integration
  • Server control rooms
  • HVAC
  • Planetarium theatre maintenance
  • Fully managed systems

Project Management

Upon completion of our initial consultancy where we will assess the best technology and applications to use, we will then drive the project forward with our efficient international team. We offer a full 'turn key' installation, ensuring all designs, engineering framework and technologies are brought together seemlessly. Our highly acclaimed consultants and project managers always ensure works are delivered in an expedited fashion. Our multi-lingual operators and legal advisors are always here to help to make the process as clear as possible.

Immersive Experiences, work alongside both the major vendors as well independent manufacturers to suit all project sizes, timelines, demands and needs. We are among the few planetarium organisations in the world who can truly assess a project independently, and impartially select organisations to work with. Problem solving is always delivered efficiently in real-time ensuring there is little to no impact on finance or time constraints. Throughout the development of the project, there will be occasions where having too many vendors can confuse the project i.e. which size dome, projectors, dome tilt etc. Immersive Experiences will eliminate unnecessary delays to ensure the project is delivered to match or exceeds your expectations.

Creative Immersive Design

Our visualisation, digital, and fine arts department having been designing museums, exhibitions, and domes for decades. Our unique flare ensures we stand out amongst the crowd, leaving your customers astounded. Our design ethos respects the environment, culture and international policies. 

Planetarium design is not just about the size of the dome, but the quality of its application, efficient use and long term maintenance to ensure the design does not fade over time. Sound is equally important, which is why we have worked with university researchers to maximise the quality of bespoke sound systems.

World's largest variety of immersive (fulldome) 360° content

  • Covering a multitude of themes, topics and disciplines
  • Sciences including astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, paleontology
  • History & Culture
  • Music, Art and Film
  • Live performances
  • Parties, Festivals and Concerts

Turn key programming

We will help you select the right program for your needs, based on audience interactivity, interface and user friendliness. The market is saturated with planetarium programs, however we have used all of them, and know which ones work best for our customers needs.



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