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Immersive Experiences is partnered with tutors worldwide to provide accessible learning for budding students of all ages and backgrounds.s


  • Tutors design engaging online platform, that supports multiple learning styles and enables students to work 1:1 with a professional in real-time
  • The flexibility of virtual learning services allows students to work during the school day, as well as after hours, weekends and holidays


  • Working closely with schools, teachers and leaders in educational outreach and learning, we can align the tutoring very closely to the targets of individual students.
  • Each session is led by qualified and vetted tutors with at least 5 years tutoring experience

Why Immersive Online Learning?

  1. Improve your not only your grades but also your approach to learning and goal setting
  2. Speak the same tutor from day one of your learning
  3. Confidence in your tutor having the relevant experience, qualifications and passion for their subject
  4. Strong curriculum understanding, and cross curriculum learning 
  5. Managed tutoring from day one, so you feel in control with regular input from your tutor
  6. Flexible work schedules, and project work to ensure you see just how much progress you are making
  7. Affordable for everyone, with subsidised rates thanks to our generous education partners


TVM Tutors designed an engaging online tutoring platform that supports multiple learning styles and enables students to work 1:1 with a professional tutor in real-time. The flexibility of our virtual tutoring services allows us to work with students during the school day, in after school programs, at home, on weekends, and anywhere in between.



TVM Tutors collaborates with teachers, school and district leadership, parents, and families to align our tutoring to the student’s core learning environment and to develop shared goals for TVM's tutoring services. Each tutoring session is led by a qualified tutor who utilizes high-quality instructional content developed specifically for our 1:1 virtual tutoring environment.



In order to be a catalyst for growth, TVM Tutors develops Individualized Learning Plans for all students and tracks student progress on a weekly basis. We maintain a high level of accountability by sharing these weekly updates with teachers, administrators, and parents to help schools and families make informed instructional decisions.

Best of the Best


TVM Tutors provides engaging, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring services that are driven by data and personalized for each student. The result is a live service designed to truly drive measured student achievement gains.

Students and Families


Online Subject Matter Expertise

  Finding the best expert in the community can be time consuming and expensive. The Internet has made it easier than ever to find the perfect tutor for a student's specific needs. Now you can succeed in academics with the click of a button. Students can engage virtually with qualified teachers of various subjects without their parents having to hassle with costly fees, inconvenient timing, and ineffective interactions. 

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their seminars and courses.

Online Learning

Content Development

It is likely that you are familiar with the saying "Content is the King".Here at TVM pay utmost attention and care while designing the content for your needs. We have worked with various organizations to help them design the content for educational applications and websites.


Online Chat Support

Do you feel  you need guidance on how to solve the problem?  Are you stuck in understanding some steps involved in the solution? Do you think that you are missing out on some prerequisite concepts before attempting to solve the problem?  


Then our website is the right place where students can schedule an interactive session with an expert. The session could be scheduled for the time as little as 15 minutes. We follow a systematic pedagogy to answer your query which involves checking student's understanding first and informing them about the key concepts involved in the problem. 

Our pedagogy is based on proven standards and is widely practiced by most e-learning companies. We firmly believe that the job of a teacher is to empower his students and not to assist them forever.


We often come across students who even wish some clarification on the solutions given in standard textbooks and reference books. Our interactive whiteboard allows students to share the material they have and seek guidance on any particular context.




SAT Help

SAT is taken by students applying to colleges and universities. This exam can be taken internationally six times during the year.  

  SAT scores are sent out to your desired colleges and universities as part of the admissions package.   The new SAT exam consists of four sections: There’s also an optional essay section.  The other four sections include Writing and Language, Reading,  Math with a calculator, and Math no calculator. 


We hear at customizing our approach and methodologies as per our diagnostic of students' strengths and weaknesses. We conduct a special test in order to determine the areas where the student requires the most help

Here are some of the features of our program


  • Competitive edge provided by usage of shortcuts and tricks.

  • Intensive doubt solving sessions

  • Online Mock Tests 

  • Strategy discussion class.

TVM Tutor offers individual families a range of virtual tutoring support. From on-demand homework help to more targeted remediation, skill-building, and test prep services, our customer support team will assist students and families with every academic need, every step of the way. We develop Individualized Learning Plans and work with families to create a customized online tutoring schedule that works for even the busiest of students.

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