Great faiths from around the world

Over the years we have developed some amazing public event shows, encompassing different cultures from around the world. These are always huge crowd pullers and our expert team ensure that no detail is missed to make the event as accurate as possible, right down to the decorations!

"brilliant program for Ramadhan, the children were in awe"

"learnt so much about Vedic astronomy, through the Indian dance shows"

"seeing the stars of Bethlehem was really beautiful and touching"

Christmas & Easter


Go back in time and learn one of the world's most told stories of Jesus and the formation of Christianity as we know it today.

Our 360° shows:

These are science based films presenting cultural, historical and scientific facts to help unravel this 2,000 year old story

 Installations and Events



Diwali, Vaisaiki


A faith surrounded by gods, light and dance, as we take audiences on a 360° experience into Vedic astronomy.

On a dance adventure through India, this young dancer learns from various academics and spiritual leaders that the entire Univerise and all of the life within it, is inter-connected.










Ramadhan, Eid, Quranic Recitattions







Why is the holy month of Ramadhan so important to Muslims around the world? 

This 360° live and interactive show is delivered by our very own Islamic Astromomer and is suitable for all ages. 

Learn about the links between the Qu'ran and the Universe, including the important of astronomy within the faith of Islam.

 Events and Installations

  • Aisha Mosque and Learning Centre
  • Ramadhan Eid Mela with Quranic Recitation

Shabbat, Bat/Nar Mitzvahs




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