Planetaria Sensoria 360° Outdoor Domes

Planetaria Sensoria 360° Outdoor Domes

explore new worlds

Wow your audience with a truly immersive experience that is out-of-this-world! We specialise in the creative unique, and bring something different and amazing now matter how many times you come to us

You could take a breath taking journey from the to the edge of the Solar System and beyond, walk with dinosaurs, be transported back to the trenches of World War 1. Or how about re-living 1979 with Pink Floyd's The Wall album enhanced with spectacular wrap-around immersive visuals? You don’t just see our experiences, you live within them and share those special moments with everyone around you.

Our state of the art immersive 360° projection domes & sensoria 360, boast stunning visuals and sound, you will actually forget where you are! Ideal for new-media art and technologies such as 360° fulldome, IMAX, virtual reality, augmented reality and live performances. Also industry leading in creative education across the curriculum, bringing learning to life with superb results


10 years teaching experience, looking after over 50000 children every year, with stunning creative education shows




Experiential 360ׄ immersive environments. Ideal for marketing, promotions, product launches and exhibitions




From weddings to birthdays, we will dazzle your audiences with a truly unforgettable experience