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creatively educating over 50,000 children every year

We offer a stunning range  of creative educational immersive shows, from Early Years/Foundation to Key Stage 5 and Post 16 . Our multi-purpose mobile planetariums & sensory experiences come to you, and are installed within your premises, with both indoor and outdoor options possible.

All our experiences are fully accessible and world leading for the inclusion of PMLD SENWheelchairHearing/Visually impaired  audiences.

"it was amazing and very engaging with the children"

"highly recommended for schools"


There are a number of key concepts, skills and processes which pupils need to experience in order to deepen and broaden their understanding across the curriculum. The highly interactive live shows in our vast catalogue are custom made and based on thNational Science Curriculum , and Common Entrance Science Syllabus.

Our education team of science communicators and astronomers are extremely well versed in teaching children, with over 10 years of experience in teaching across the UK and abroad. Many of our shows are presenter-led and therefore capable of being adapted to suit your pupils interests and any special educational needs.

"Best thing in my whole life"

"Perfect for children with PMLD's and SENs"


We offer a totally unlimited performance during the visit, which allows you to pick as shows as you like and run them in any combination you like. So in any one day, we can cover multiple topics, themes and events all with our planetariums.

Subjects include: 











All of this is possible from as little as £250 (plus travel at 25p per mile), making us officially the best value planetarium operator in the UK. Cost per a child is between £0.83 - £1.25


5m Planetariums

6m Planetariums

Capacity ?

Capacity ?

Half Dome Day? 


Split Dome Day? 


Full Dome Day? 


Multiple planetariums/days

2 planetariums in 1 day £800

2 days + £400 a day


Half Dome Day? 


Split Dome Day? 


Full Dome Day? 


Multiple planetariums/days

 2 planetariums in 1 day £800

2 days + £400 a day

Space required 5.5 x 5.5m with 3.1m ceiling clearance

Space required 6.6 x 6.6m with 3.7m ceiling clearance

5m sm

6m sm

10m Outdoor Geodesic Dome

Can be used as a stand alone outdoor venue or to cover our planetariums

 360° RoomProjection

Turn your existing space in to a stunning immersive room, perfect for sensory, educational and entertainment experiences

Capacity ?

 Capacity ?

Full Dome Day?

1 day £1200

2 days £2000

3 days £2400

4 days £2800

5 days £3400

7 days £3800

Full 360° Day?

1 day £400 - £800

2 days £800 - £1200

3 days £1200 - £1400

4 days £1400 - £1800

5 days £1800 - £2200

7 days £2200 - £2400

Space required at least 11 x 11m with 5m ceiling clearance

Outdoor Geodesic sm

Space required dark room, with clear walls/ceiling

room projection sm

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