GreatPlanet 400The Great Planet Adventures

With muscles and bones built for Earth, you'd be a superstar on the Solar System's low-gravity worlds.

Imagine zip-lining on scorched Mercury or snowmobiling on Pluto. How about bungee jumping into space from an asteroid, diving from the tallest cliff, or abseiling into the deepest canyon in the Solar System? Without the strong pull of Earth gravity, you can also glide over the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, jet-pack through a geyser's spray on Triton or even drive a monster truck along a steep lunar crater wall.

Experience these incredible off-world adventures and more in this thrilling 360˚ film, available both as a standard and primary version (simpler narrative). Preview both versions below, with narrative scripts and images available here: standard version and primary version.

Suggestion: follow-up with a class activity based on the 4min film WANDERERS (full preview below) depicting recreations of actual places within the Solar System, some also visited in Great Planet Adventures.

Great Planet Adventures : Film Type

Length: 11min or 17min - primary version : lower KS2
Length: 11min or 22min - standard version : upper KS2-KS4 and general audiences
Also available in Spanish and English (22min) with English subtitles.

Full preview: Standard version (22min)


Full preview: Primary version (17min)



WANDERERS (4min) - a superb short film to screen in the classroom



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