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Over the years we have developed some amazing public event shows, encompassing different cultures from around the world. These are always huge crowd pullers and our expert team ensure that no detail is missed to make the event as accurate as possible, right down to the decorations!

fund raise between £1000-£5000 a day!



Church events/fund raising

Ramadan programs

Eid Mela

Mosque events/fund raising

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Bar Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah

Synagogue Community Events



Temple Community Events

SecretsoftheDeadSea CosmicDance
Chinese New Year  
 Creation 450  

"brilliant program for ramadhan, the children were in awe"

"learnt so much about vedic astronomy, through the indian dance shows"

"seeing the stars of bethlehem was really beautiful and touching"


All our systems can be integrated with your music and content, making the experience as personal as you like with no added costs


5m Planetariums

6m Planetariums

Capacity ?

Capacity ?

Half Dome Day? 


Full Dome Day? 


Multiple planetariums/days

2 planetariums in 1 day £800

2 days + £400 a day

Half Dome Day? 


Full Dome Day? 


Multiple planetariums/days 

2 planetariums in 1 day £800

2 days + £400 a day

Space required 5.5 x 5.5m with 3.1m ceiling clearance

Space required 6.6 x 6.6m with 3.7m ceiling clearance

5m sm

6m sm

10m Outdoor Geodesic Dome

Can be used as a stand alone outdoor venue or to cover our planetariums

360° Room Projection

Turn your existing space in to a stunning immersive room, perfect for sensory, educational and entertainment experiences

Capacity ?

 Capacity ?

Full Dome Day?

1 day £1500

2 days £2000

3 days £2500

4 days £3000

5 days £3500

7 days £4000

Full 360° Day?

1 day £400 - £800

2 days £800 - £1200

3 days £1200 - £1400

4 days £1400 - £1800

5 days £1800 - £2200

7 days £2200 - £2400

Space required at least 11 x 11m with 5m ceiling clearance

Outdoor Geodesic sm

Space required dark room, with clear walls/ceiling

room projection sm

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