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spectacular birthday parties

Our entertainment 360° dome cinemas bring together beautiful outdoor venues, mixed with art, music and dance. Maybe you want an ourdoor venue, without the huge costs. Our large 10m outdoor marquees, start from just £1500 a day.

Or if you're looking for some entertainment for your birthday, anniversary or party, you can use our state-of-the-art 360° projection domes to play almost anything you can imagine, from Dinosaurs & Space to Fractals  from just £300

"thank you making our 5 year old's dreams come true, he always wanted a planetarium"

"love the birthday entertainment, what a cool idea"

All our systems can be integrated with your music and content, making the experience as personal as you like with no added costs


5m Planetariums

6m Planetariums

Capacity ?

Capacity ?

Half Dome Day? 


Full Dome Day? 


Multiple planetariums/days

2 planetariums in 1 day £800

2 days + £400 a day

Half Dome Day? 


Full Dome Day? 


Multiple planetariums/days 

2 planetariums in 1 day £800

2 days + £400 a day

Space required 5.5 x 5.5m with 3.1m ceiling clearance

Space required 6.6 x 6.6m with 3.7m ceiling clearance

5m sm

6m sm

10m Outdoor Geodesic Dome

Can be used as a stand alone outdoor venue or to cover our planetariums

 360° Room Projection

Turn your existing space in to a stunning immersive room, perfect for sensory, educational and entertainment experiences

Capacity ?

 Capacity ?

Full Dome Day?

1 day £1500

2 days £2000

3 days £2500

4 days £3000

5 days £3500

7 days £4000

Full 360° Day?

1 day £400 - £800

2 days £800 - £1200

3 days £1200 - £1400

4 days £1400 - £1800

5 days £1800 - £2200

7 days £2200 - £2400

Space required at least 11 x 11m with 5m ceiling clearance

Outdoor Geodesic sm

Space required dark room, with clear walls/ceiling

room projection sm

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  • you receive totally unlimited shows which can range from 10-60mins
  • we work around your schedule, i.e. take a break after an hour for refreshments, food, cake cutting etc
  • FREE gift and card from us!


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