stunning pyschedelic experiences

We offer hypnotic, trippy, pyschedelic events that promises to blow your audiences away with a truly unique 360° cinematic entertaining experience. Each of our events are delivered to you bespoke to match the theme of your event.

"what an elegant, beautiful way to celebrate the end of our academic year" - Sidney Sussex May Ball, Cambridge Univesity

"the best part of our oxford ball by far, stunning room experience, music and visuals" Keble Ball, Oxford university

"incredibly trippy, and perfect with a glass of wine" -  Emmanual College, Cambridge University

All our experiences are fully accessible and world leading for the inclusion of PMLDSENWheelchairHearing/Visually impaired audiences.

Themed pyschedeiic domes

Choose a dome that fits your venue, including the popular giant 10m entertainment music dome. Over 100 different experiences, as well as tailored experiences to match your event. Themed including: 'Musical Spheres' 'Under the Stars' 'London' 'UFO's' 'Dr Who' and many more

Pop up Cinema - over 13,000 titles

Watch blockbusters from Hollywood and independent film studios inside our luxurious pop up cinemas. Complete with luxury high-back bean bags, chairs, cushions and duvets to make the experience like nothing you have had before. With our cinemas, you can lay back with a glass of wine and really relax the way you want.

Chillout Rooms

Giant floor beds, resting areas with mood lighting and relaxing music

Dome Drone Experiences

Bring the drones to your party inside our unique drone domes. Fly, race and compete against your friends!

Immersive Virtual Reality

Bring a touch of the future of entertainment, by immersing your audiences with our mind blowing VR experiences. Lay back on a space roller coaster or float under the ocean. With over 100 VR experiences, you may forget where you are!


Head office

Immersive Experiences Ltd,
86-90 Paul Street,

Call: 0800 3118 360

Business hours

Operating 24/7 365 days a year

Enquiries: Mon - Sat 9-5

Out of hours call:  +44(0)7914512536


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