CO 400Chaos and Order

Can mathematics be displayed in colour? Can it be represented with sound?

Structured into four movements - geometric forms, algorithms, simulations and chaos theory - this unique 360° film explores breathtaking animated visuals of unprecedented beauty in the varied realm of mathematics.

Experience the fundamental link between reality and mathematics, as science and art are fused together in an immersive celebration of the one language of our Universe.

With no narration and purely with visuals and music, the film takes audiences on a journey into a fascinating world of sensuous, ever-evolving images with symphonic-electronic music.

Full preview below.

Film Type

Length: 40min
KS4 - KS5  /   Adults

FREE: Order to Chaos, Patterns in Randomness KS4 maths excercise booklet from the National STEM Centre.

FREE: What's the Point of Maths? booklet for KS3-KS5 from the National STEM Centre.

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