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Top 5 reasons to Make Us the No1 Planetarium Provider in the UK


1 Founder, Zee Dinally FRAS, has over a decade of planetarium experience 


past experience

    • Planetarium Presenter at Thinktank Planetarium & Dome Club
    • Planetarium Consultant at Discovery Dome Europe, promoting and selling planetariums across the UK
    • Mobile Planetarium Officer at Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium, where he established Winchetser's first mobile planetarium
    • Founder & Astronomer at Immersive Theatres, one of the UK's most progressive mobile planetarium service providers

present experience

    • European Agent at Discovery Dome promoting and selling planetarium sytems both nationally and world-wide, including the worlds greatest variety of planetarium hardware, software and peripherals
    • Director & Astronomer at Immersive Experiences, the UK's best value multi-purpose planetariums & 360° immersive cinemas
    • CEO at Global Immersive, international sales/imports/exports of the worlds finest planetarium systems, 360° proojection domes, telescopes, meteorites, space food


2  We reach over 70,000 people across the UK every year with unbeatable prices from 84 pence a child!


    • Currently have a capacity of over 100,000 people a year, and running at 70-80% capacity ensures we deliver to all our customers every time without failure from staff or equipment. Unlike other operators who run by themselves, if they or their equipment fail, there is none or little back up
    • We have a team of expert science who individually have over 10 years of teaching experience
    • Our presenters, entertainers and dome operators are based all over the UK, so we can reach any customer at any time


"it was amazing and very engaging with the children"

"highly recommended for schools"


3 Stunning selection of over 100 shows, programs & content updated throughout the year


    • Even though you will never need to see all our shows at once, it's nice to know we cover various topics to meet your needs. Each show is carefully checked and vetted for quality and then paired with the appropriate key stage/theme/requirement
    • We offer creative educational immersive shows, from Early Years/Foundation to Key Stage 5 and Post 16 covering both National Science Curriculum , and Common Entrance Science Syllabus.
    • For schools we cover the following subjects, both curricular and cross-curricular:
    • We offer incredible high-energy live presentations, with an expert astronomer lasting either 25/30/45/60mins wih Q&A, meteorite handling and a lovely worksheet certificate at the end
    • We are world leading with the inclusion of SENs, PMLDs and those with disabilties, such as wheelchair users and the visually/hearing impaired


"Best thing in my whole life"

"Perfect for children with PMLD's and SENs"


4 Worlds finest mobile/portable mobile planetariums & 360° immersive cinemas


    • All our domes have the following features to ensure they are as accesible as possible
      • Up to 70 children at a time can enjoy a show
      • up to 2400 children can be accommodated in any one day
      • Up to 10 wheelchairs can be inside
      • If there is a power cut, the dome itself remains up (teachers/helpers provided with hand torches)
      • If there is an emergency, the entire dome can be flipped in less than 10 seconds
      • Our domes can be used outdoors, within a marquee, covered with tarpaulin or inside our giant 10m geodesic dome
    • All our domes run high-end quality projection systems, with 70% more pixels towards the audience, brighter optics and surround sound as standard
    • We provide optional extras, such as our interlocking soft foam flooring, cushions, gaming chairs and full conference suite if requested (includes stand alone projector, tables, chairs, mic, laser pointers)


5 Highly recommended by customers all over the world!


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